The Anytime Fitness Numbers

  • 500,000 members
  • Male skewed
  • 30 average age
  • 58% Gen-Y 29% Gen-X

Health is a priority
Members are busy and time poor but understand the importance of keeping fit for maintaining good health.

Exercise independent
Members have a good basic understanding of fitness, they are confident to exercise and workout on their own.

Convenience is key
63% of members travel less than 2 km from their home or work to get to their club.

Motivated and Engaged
76% of our members train 3+ times per week and 78% of our members have accessed their club outside of typical gym hours. They also spend an additional 3 hours per week participating in some form of exercise outside of the club.

The Cafe2U Numbers

37 minutes
The average number of minutes people spend drinking their coffee.

6 or more people
Will see the ad on your coffee cup.

Cafe2U gives you the opportunity to achieve cut through in a cluttered market.